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Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

Copyright licence for businesses

You need a Business Copyright Licence if you represent a business, a public sector organisation, or an educational establishment and you want to make copies of content protected by copyright. Making copies includes photocopying, faxing, scanning and emailing.

Do your employees use or share work-related published content?

Virtually all published content from print or digital sources is protected by copyright. This means you must make sure you have permission to use it at work, or you could be infringing copyright law.

  • According to a recent survey of businesses around the world, the rate of work-related content sharing has tripled since 2016.
  • 49% of that content is being sourced externally and is most likely to be shared by executive level staff compared to management.
  • Yet, 47% of professionals recently surveyed are unaware of their organisations copyright policy, or unsure of its details.

Make sure your business is protected

CLA are recognised by the government  as the collective licensing body for the reuse of text and images from books, journals and magazines

Our Copyrigh Licence for Businesses , is required if any of your staff make copies from any of the 16 million-plus print or online publications that CLA represents and our annual business licence will help you to minimise the risk of copyright infringement. 

The CLA Business Copyright Licence provides blanket permission to use content from millions of publications giving you peace of mind when you reuse copyright material, whether it is receiving and sharing press cuttings, downloading an online report, emailing a journal article or even making a photocopy or scan from a book or trade magazine.

Find the licence that is right for you

Read our business licence FAQs

Please click on one of the appropriate sector links below. If you aren't sure if you fit exactly into the categories listed, you should choose 'Other businesses and Charities'. 


Pharma & Medical

Document Delivery Suppliers

Hotels & Conference Centres

Media Agencies

Other Businesses and Charities

If you wish to apply for a CLA Licence or if you would like further information to establish if a licence is required, please use the button below to contact us. 







Business Licence FAQs

Find out more about the business licence coverage and how it can protect your business

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