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  1. Provide blanket licences to protect against copyright infringement.
  2. Deliver quality resources to inspire learning and development.
  3. Support the creative ecosystem by helping you Copy, Right.

Government regulated

The Copyright Licensing Agency is regulated by the UK government as the collective licensing body for the reuse of text and images from books, journals, and magazines.

Empowering creativity

Our licences empower your organisation to share valuable published work which drives knowledge and ideas. By protecting your organisation from copyright infringement with a copyright licence, you also protect the rights of publishers, authors, and visual artists within the creative ecosystem.

Research, innovate, and create with peace of mind. Copy, Right.

Businesses & public bodies

Protected with a CLA licence

Education establishments

Protected with a CLA licence

Public sector organisations

Protected with a CLA licence


Our Business Licence provides a simple solution for copyright compliance, enabling you to research, collaborate, and create with peace of mind.

Discover how you can legally reuse content from millions of digital and print publications ranging from trade magazines to scientific journals and news websites, including articles from media monitoring services.


Our range of licences and services support teaching and learning across the UK education sector, including state-funded and independent schools, further education colleges, universities, and commercial language schools.

Learn how your institution can access and share content lawfully to educate the creators of tomorrow.

Public sector

Our licences and solutions provide essential support and peace of mind to the public sector, whether you are an NHS staff member, a local government worker, or a decision-maker in central government.

Discover how you can easily and legally access, reuse, and share content from millions of scientific, technical, and medical publications.


Our revenue is distributed to our member organisations who pay royalties directly to copyright owners – authors (ALCS), publishers (PLS), and visual artists (DACS & PICSEL).

Distributions to publishers and content creators in over 40 years of licensing
Distributions to publishers and content creators in 2021-22
Number of authors, publishers and visual artists eligible to receive UK licence fee distributions
Public Licensing Services
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What is copyright?

Learn more about copyright, copyright infringement and Intellectual Property.

Do you need a licence?

If anyone in your organisation copies, shares or prints published work, it's likely you need a copyright licence.

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This collaboration is highly beneficial to Local Authorities and schools as it simplifies and streamlines the licensing process, guaranteeing that schools achieve the best value for money. It also ensures that teachers and pupils have access not only to the most up-to-date print media, but also that this access will be the same for every pupil in Scotland.
Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence seeks to develop successful learners who are enthusiastic, ambitious and resilient – ensuring that all pupils have access to resources is vital to achieving this aim.

Education Scotland logo
John Swinney
Deputy First Minister

Working in the health sciences arena it is essential that we respect and credit copyright ownership: having the CLA as a resource and advice centre helps us to do that efficiently.

Cate Foster
Senior Project Manager/Editor

The Department for Education (DfE) highly values the CLA licence which permits all state-funded primary and secondary schools in England to access written material, copy, re-use and share content from a wide range of sources within schools for non-commercial, educational purposes.

This is important in supporting aims of the National Curriculum, including ensuring that all pupils can develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information, and acquire a wide vocabulary.

Department for Education logo
Department for Education

From the first engagement, I was astonished as to how helpful and reassuring they have been to us and clients with every engagement. I think that there is stigma about copyright in our industry, and we have found that embracing licencing has not been the headache it’s sometimes reputed to be.

TANK logo
Trevor Palmer
Owner/Director - Tank PR

As a long-term user of the CLA Licence, I can confidently say that it has provided Tandridge District Council with a sense of security when it comes to copying published materials. Knowing that we are covered under the licence has given us peace of mind in our day-to-day work. Before obtaining the CLA Licence, we understood the importance of complying with copyright laws, particularly as a public body, and the licence has allowed us to do so with ease.

For any organisation considering copyright licence coverage, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with the CLA to discuss your requirements. It is worth considering having a licence to ensure you comply with the law and set a good example. Overall, our experience with the CLA Licence has been extremely positive and we would highly recommend it to other organisations.

Tandridge District Council
Giuseppina Valenza
Head of Policy and Communications - Tandridge District Council

Our experience of working with the CLA has been very good - efficient processes, swift and helpful responses from our account lead, James Charleston, and a pragmatic allowance - a charitable discount - for the retrospective fees we were required to pay.

CLA Circulorum
Robert Davies
Head of Marketing & Communications - The Royal Institution

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