The Open Government Licence

The Open Government Licence covers Crown copyright material and allows you to perform the following actions:

  1. Copy, publish, distribute and transmit the information.
  2. Adapt the information.
  3. Exploit the information commercially and non-commercially, i.e. by combining it with information of your own.
Houses of parliament and Big Ben in London - Crown Copyright

Be sure to read more information on the Open Government Licence, and its terms.

Excluded works

In case the material you wish to copy is not available under the Open Government Licence, you may still be able to copy it using your CLA Licence. You can use our “Check Permissions” tool to search for it by title or ISBN. However, if the images or text are not covered by either the OGL or CLA Licence, you must directly seek permission from the copyright holder.

Check Permissions

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Complying with copyright

If you wish to copy, save, share and re-use it at work, then permission is required to avoid copyright infringement.