What it does

  • Verify ownership
  • Check permissions
  • Eliminate census reporting
  • Automate requirement checks
  • Share and use content from other HEIs


  • Integrates with major library management systems and reading list solutions to provide one streamlined tool
  • Reduces your administrative burden by automating weeding and streamlining renewals
  • Guaranteed to deliver definitive permissions regarding included and excluded titles, giving you total copyright compliance assurance
  • Links with your EHESS account for seamless ordering and fulfilment of your Copyright Fee Paid and outsourced scanning orders
  • Join a community of 90+ UK HEIs that are already populating a rich repository of resources that you’ll be able to use and add to

Meet the DCS

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More about the DCS

If our taster video has got you interested in learning more about the DCS you might like to take a look at some case study materials that we have produced to give you a better insight into how the DCS has worked in the words of higher education library staff.

146 HEIs across the UK and Ireland now use the live DCS and, last year, 127 UK HEIs used the DCS to report their CLA licensed Digital Copies to the UK Copyright Licensing Agency.

User feedback

It does what we want it to do. It has developed well – the CLA have really listened to customers.

Louise Koch
Manchester Metropolitan University

We find the DCS incredibly helpful. Having one store for all of the files, and the links being consistent, are great. And it's great that there’s a lot of development – the fact that the CLA make the investment in it is wonderful.

Stuart Scarles
University of Edinburgh

Really appreciate you following up on this. I must say that the CLA team are excellent at dealing with issues and communicating solutions.

Excellent support as always, other organisations could learn from your approach to user support.

Gerard McFall
Ulster University

Really excellent service - quick, informative and a lovely friendly response that was very accessible without jargon.

Gabby Dempster
University of Brighton

The whole system works well – having everything contained in one; Reporting is much faster and less painful.

Caroline Lloyd
University of Nottingham

We love it! It’s a very well-designed product – a clear design with so much going on underneath.

Cathy Evans
University of Sussex

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