Text "Support from CLA has helped bolster our work, directly supporting individual writers and campaigning for systemic change at policy level." on a navy background with the English PEN logo

Empowering Creators: The impact of CLA’s donation to English PEN

May 22, 2024 By Taylor Macdonald

At CLA we are committed to upholding fair compensation for creators and rightsholders while supporting the UK’s creative economy. As ...

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Practical tips for using your CLA Education Licence

May 14, 2024 By Rebecca Owen

If your institution has an Education Licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency, this covers staff to copy extracts from a ...

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Meet Bob Johns: Strengthening MMO Licensing at CLA

April 23, 2024 By Bob Johns
My Journey into the Media Industry

In the 1990s, fresh out of college with a Media Degree, I eagerly sought ...

Understanding fair dealing and leveraging licensing

Understanding fair dealing and leveraging licensing

April 22, 2024 By Rebecca Owen

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content and intellectual property, the concept of fair dealing remains a key feature of ...

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Navigating copyright compliance: Empowering Local Authorities to leverage content

February 29, 2024 By Mary Cormack

High quality content is at the heart of collaboration in the workplace. Copying and sharing published material plays a crucial ...

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Public Administration Licence for Local Authorities: Essential FAQs answered

February 19, 2024 By Daniel Elsey

Public Sector Licensing Manager and licence specialist, Daniel Elsey, answers your questions.

CLA’s Daniel Elsey has been licensing Local Authorities, ...