Coverage provided

  1. Make copies from UK national newspapers plus 5 other titles
  2. Upload and store copies of articles on a VLE or intranet
  3. Email copies to students and staff

NLA Licence add-ons

With this licence, you will have access to optional add-on services that cover your institution’s media monitoring activities. These can be purchased at an additional cost:

Paper Additional Cover

Permits guests to make copies

NLA Education Establishment Licence

Receive and share articles received from an external press cuttings supplier

Web Media Monitoring Licence

Receive and share alerts and links to content on publisher websites. Find out more about this Licence in the Terms and Conditions.

Corporate Website Republishing Licence

Publish articles, including headlines, text extracts and PDFs to your website and social media. Find out more about this Licence in the Terms and Conditions.

Permits the sharing of licensed copies between organisations holding relevant CLA and CCC Licences

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Supporting tools

CLA Check Permissions Tool
Check Permissions works for all, even if you don’t have a licence. Use it to check whether an article, book or website is covered by the CLA licence
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Price List & Guidance

2023/24 Price list and guidance (effective for the August 2023 renewal)

Licence documents

You can see all the support documents and Terms & Conditions for your licence here