CLA Copyright Essentials

A CPD-certified interactive guide for Educators to help you navigate the copyright landscape. Learn copyright best practices with this brief and bite-sized training resource. Ideal for your professional development.

Who is Copyright Essentials for?

Designed for anyone who shares resources in an institution and would like an introduction to copyright. This might include librarians, LRC managers, SBMs or educators. It doesn’t provide legal advice but guidance and useful tips that will help your daily practice.


Learn to navigate the copyright landscape

Further Education

Learn to navigate the copyright landscape

We understand that copyright can seem confusing. That’s why we’ve designed CLA Copyright Essentials for Educators.

Time to complete: c. 30 minutes

Outcomes: You’ll be familiar with key terms, concepts, best practices and questions to ask before you copy. And you’ll even have a certificate to prove it!

“Very useful resource and I shall be forwarding on to our HR Lead to include in future training programmes for all staff.”

Anthony Walsh – Accrington Academy

“Absolutely fantastic and full of very important information… I will be adding this to my teams CPD activities…”

Kerry Steeden – Blackpool & The Fylde College

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Copyright True or False

Copyright can be a tricky thing to get your head around, so the Education Team is developing a suite of videos to help you navigate the maze.

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