Audiovisual Licensing Alliance (AVLA) is a British not-for-profit collective management organisation. Their mission is to facilitate the clearing of rights and ensure that creatives are fairly rewarded for the use of their work.

Why do you need an AVLA Licence?

Legislation recognises that the creators of copyright-protected productions should be compensated for the use of their works. If establishments display TV channels containing the AVLA repertoire, they are legally required to obtain the licence.

If they do not, they are infringing the intellectual property rights of AVLA’s rightsholders. The AVLA licence is a simple and transparent solution to comply with your obligations and it protects you from the risk of legal action for copyright infringement.

Enquire about the AVLA Licence

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What exactly does the AVLA Licence cover?

The AVLA licence allows establishments to legally show in public TV channels containing films, series, documentaries and other audiovisual works from AVLA’s immense repertoire. It covers TVs in bedrooms and public areas of the premises, such as at a hotel’s bar, restaurant, reception and fitness area.

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Support the creative community

What also makes the AVLA licence extraordinary is that the revenues collected are distributed almost entirely to the audiovisual creators. By taking the AVLA licence you are supporting thousands of artists and companies, as well as the audiovisual sector as a whole. This helps finance the production of new titles, fostering talent and the economy.

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Government recognised

AVLA is recognised and monitored by the UK government.

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