The CLA Media Consultancy Licence is a valuable tool for PR agencies that need to supply their clients with copies of articles from published sources. It is affordable, easy to use, and ensures you Copy, Right. 

The Licence supports PR companies permitting the sharing of clipping to clients, ensuring compliance with UK copyright laws while covering recipients to receive a clipping.

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have a CLA Media Consultancy Licence

Expert insight

The Guardians of Reputation: ESG, ethics, and copyright compliance in content sharing

Narda Shirley, Co-Founder of The Wilful Group, discusses the importance of copyright and respecting IP in an industry where work revolves around content sharing, touching on the importance of copyright compliance and how it fits with ESG frameworks.

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Our licence is purpose-built to support PR firms

By harnessing the power of our Media Consultancy Licence, you’re not just offering a service – you’re providing your clients with a competitive edge:

  • Simplify your client services by easily sharing top articles from millions of titles
  • Compliance made simple – this licence is made specifically for PR and media firms, allowing you to share articles while complying with UK copyright laws and supporting creatives
  • Tailored to you – customise your CLA licence based on how many articles you share

It’s not just about sharing news – it’s about giving your clients an edge. Help them stay updated, spot media opportunities and excel in their industry.

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has been distributed to rightsholders from revenue generated by the Media Consultancy Licence since 2017

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Discover how CLA can support your organisation to Copy, Right

Putting copyright at the heart of what you do

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CLA’s Commercial Director, Justin Manton, looks at how getting copyright ‘right’ can help Ad and PR agencies retain clients.

Content use and copying practices

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Study by CLA on content use behaviours and copying practices amongst UK professionals, with a spotlight on the media, comms & tech sector.

Navigating your Media Consultancy Licence

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Ossie Ikeogu, Head of Sales and Renewals, answers essential FAQs on the CLA Media Consultancy Licence

What our customers say

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“The CLA Licence helps us offer another service to our clients, and has broadened our knowledge of copyright, which helps in our consultancy role. It also helps us strategically to advise clients as to the parameters of their marketing activity – with a licence helping them to further share the results of our work together. It also gives us and our clients peace of mind.


From the first engagement with CLA, I was astonished as to how helpful and reassuring they have been to us and clients with every engagement. I think that there is stigma about copyright in our industry, and we have found that embracing licensing has not been the headache it’s sometimes reputed to be.”


Trevor Palmer – Owner of Tank PR


of PR and Comms firms say they send
content externally to clients at some point
each year

The CLA Media Consultancy Licence (MCL) provides permission for PR firms, communications agencies and consultancies to supply their clients with copies of articles from thousands of magazines and websites.

Whereas our ‘Business Licence’ covers the copying and reuse of published material for internal purposes, the MCL is additionally required if you supply articles externally to your clients.

This licence enables the supply of:

  • Hard copies of articles
  • Digital copies of articles via e-mail
  • Web-links plus a headline or article extract of up to 256 characters via e-mail

Content supplied under the licence can be copied by/received via a media monitoring service and forwarded to your clients.

Act responsibly. Protect your organisation. Support creatives. Copy, Right.

Support your clients

Our Media Consultancy Licence is there to help guard your clients’ reputations and maintain your professional integrity.

To support you and your clients, we have created some guidelines for your clients on what they can do with their media cuttings made under the CLA licence:

Client Guidelines

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