Upcoming initiatives

Text and Data Mining (TDM) Licensing

CLA will launch a new Text and Data Mining (TDM) licence later in 2024.

The licence will cover a range of TDM uses, but not generative AI, and has received strong support from publishers and CLA’s member organisations. CLA is currently working with PLS to seek opt-ins from publishers.

AI Licensing

CLA is currently exploring potential AI licensing solutions with its Member organisations. These include a licence for internal use of AI tools by CLA’s existing customers in the business and public sector, where publications are likely to be used as prompts and in fine-tuning on local datasets.

CLA is also consulting with Members on the scope and limitations of a Generative AI Training licence in line with CLA’s Principles for Copyright and Generative AI, published on the CLA website.


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Principles for Copyright and Generative AI

With the interests of creators and rightsholders at the forefront, CLA has developed a set of principles to help ensure that generative AI is developed safely, ethically and legally.

Our Principles

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AI Research Report

Delve into the findings of our research report looking at the dynamic relationship between UK creatives and generative AI.

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The highlights

respondents believe that the UK’s ability to earn from its creativity will be impacted by AI

respondents think AI should be ‘paused’ to enable the sector to ‘catch-up’ on regulation

respondents are confident that AI will eventually deliver fair compensation

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