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A CLA copyright licence is required if any of your staff make copies from any of the 16 million-plus print or online publications that CLA represents.  For example, if a staff member found an article they wanted to put into a presentation, share with a colleague or put on the company website then a copyright licence is required by law.

Business Licence

Our Business Licence provides a simple solution for copyright compliance, enabling you to research, collaborate, and create with peace of mind.

Discover how you can legally reuse content from millions of digital and print publications ranging from trade magazines to scientific journals and news websites, including articles from media monitoring services.

Public Sector Licence

Our licenses and solutions provide essential support and peace of mind to the public sector, whether you are an NHS staff member, a local government worker, or a decision-maker in central government.

Discover how you can easily and legally access, reuse, and share content from millions of scientific, technical, and medical publications.

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Do you need a licence?

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