Q&A with Springer Nature’s Leslie Lansman: Ethical content sharing and the benefits of the CLA Pharmaceutical Licence

June 6, 2024 By Rebecca Owen

The CLA Pharmaceutical Licence is a collective licence covering millions of works from thousands of publishers, permitting UK professionals working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector to make paper or digital copies of published content, subject to certain terms and ...

Navigating your Pharmaceutical Licence: Essential FAQs answered

June 3, 2024 By Sarah Johnson

CLA Head of Licensing, Sarah Johnson, answers the most frequently asked questions on the CLA Pharmaceutical Licence.

Here she covers need-to-knows on the Pharmaceutical Licence, as well as the Collaboration Licence and Multinational Licence, she covers all bases to help ...

Helping the pharmaceutical sector with the regulatory submission process

May 20, 2024 By Andy Greenan

CLA’s Commercial Operations Manager, Andy Greenan, looks at why a CLA Pharmaceutical Licence is invaluable for any company developing a new drug.

When I’m talking to CLA clients in the pharmaceutical sector, it is clear that one of the most ...

Practical tips for using your CLA Education Licence

May 14, 2024 By Rebecca Owen

If your institution has an Education Licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency, this covers staff to copy extracts from a range of published materials your institution owns, without seeking the permission that can be necessary under copyright law.

But what ...

Meet Bob Johns: Strengthening MMO Licensing at CLA

April 23, 2024 By Bob Johns
My Journey into the Media Industry

In the 1990s, fresh out of college with a Media Degree, I eagerly sought opportunities in the media industry. Through a connection, I secured a position at Romeike & Curtice, a company boasting a ...

Understanding fair dealing and leveraging licensing

April 22, 2024 By Rebecca Owen

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content and intellectual property, the concept of fair dealing remains a key feature of UK copyright law, designed to balance the interests of creators and users of works protected by copyright.

But what does ...