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On each occasion, you may copy a chapter of a book, a single article from a periodical, or up to 5% of a publication, whichever is the greater. For digital publications such as websites that are not conventionally structured, you should ensure that copying is limited to small extracts that are equivalent to these limits.
Any UK employee in your organisation, including individual consultants or agency workers, can make and receive copies. Any overseas employee in your organisation can receive digital copies (intranet and email) for viewing only (unless your company holds a CLA Multinational Licence).
CLA has agreements with similar agencies in most major overseas territories enabling International publications and content to be copied under the CLA Licence. For full details of these overseas agencies and the countries that are covered please visit
You can make copies when you have one of our licences.
Many major magazine titles can be copied under our licences – further information about reusing this kind of content here. Some magazines are licensed by NLA Media Access. You can see if you are covered to copy from any magazine by using our Check Permissions search tool. Permission to copy content from national or regional newspapers is granted by NLA Media Access.
You should contact the original creator of the work if it is unpublished, or the publisher otherwise. If the work was created during the course of employment then the employer will generally be the copyright owner rather than the individual.