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Check Permissions

Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

If you’re not sure about the content you can copy or how you should go about getting permission to copy, our table of copying scenarios can guide you. 


I want to photocopy an article from a book or magazine.
Buying one of our licences provides you with blanket permission and avoids the need to contact the authors and publishers each time you want to make a copy.

I want to copy or download an article from an original digital publication.

Some of our licences permit copying from certain digital publications. You can use our Check Permissions search tool to find out if you're covered.  If the publisher is not included in our repertoire, then you will need to contact that publisher directly to obtain permission.

I want to photocopy or scan a magazine article or clipping received from a press agency.

Many major magazine titles can be copied under our licences, although some are licensed by NLA media access
( You can see if you are covered to copy from any magazine by using our Check Permissions search tool. Permission to copy content from national or regional newspapers is granted by NLA media access. 

I want to use another person's slides or charts in a report or presentation.

You should contact the original creator of the work if it is unpublished, or the publisher otherwise. If the work was created during the course of employment then the employer will generally be the copyright owner rather than the individual. 

I want to use a copy of a map in a publication or on a website.

You will need to get permission from the map publisher. Standard licences are available from most major map publishing companies such as Street Map and the Ordnance Survey

I want to copy an article obtained from a document library.

You can make copies when you have one of our licences. 

I want to store an article on our company intranet.

We offer limited storage for up to 30 days under the terms of certain licences providing that the publisher is shown on the list of included digital material. If the publisher does not appear on the list you would need to seek clearance from them directly.

I want to reproduce a design or artwork in a publication or on a product.

You will need to ask for permission from the owner of the copyright or obtain permission from the Design and Artists Copyright Society