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EHESS and Impact of Covid-19 - Update from British Library (5 November 2020)

The British Library is committed to support our colleagues in Higher Education as you make the necessary transition to online teaching. We can confirm that you can still order and receive copies of chapters and articles through the BL and CLA EHESS service for items held at the British Library site in Yorkshire during the 4 week lockdown period starting on 5 November 2020. We will be unable to access our physical collection held at the British Library site in London until lock down restrictions ease, currently early December. Requests for items held in London will be asked to reapply in 4 weeks. 

Please note that we are prioritising capacity over speed, and so we will be unable to meet our published two day speed of service. This is to ensure that our print collections are handled the minimum number of times by the least number of people to limit risk to staff. Please be aware, should our capacity become stretched, or the situation with Covid-19 change, we may need to scale back our operations. We would therefore ask you not to submit bulk quantities in your orders, but spread the orders out. This will help us manage our capacity. We will let you know as soon as possible if anything changes.
Contact us

If you have any further queries please contact our Customer Service team through email at
Thank you for your patience during this period. We look forward to working closely with you again.

Update from CLA

To support all EHESS customers through the current crisis, CLA are temporarily waiving the service charge for all copyright-fee paid scans ordered through EHESS.

This charge is still made by the British Library, but will be settled by CLA during this time. Charges will revert back to normal following the end of the next academic year (31/7/2021).

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is EHESS?

We have partnered with the British Library to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and streamlined document supply service for all UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): the Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service, or EHESS.

With EHESS, HEIs are able to take advantage of:

  • Copyright-fee-paid (CFP) or scan-only options
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free material
  • Scans of a high quality using preservation-standard workflow
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as standard
  • Full metadata
  • Most scans delivered within 48 hours

What does the service cost?

Rates from 1 August 2020 Pay Monthly  Advance Payment 
Born digital £5.70 plus copyright fee £5.70 plus copyright fee
CFP supply from print £9.65 plus copyright fee £8.85 plus copyright fee
Outsourced scanning from print £9.65 £8.85

*All prices are + VAT. Please note, the minimum deposit amount for the advance payment option is £150.00 + VAT.

How do I get started?

To get your EHESS account set up, all you have to do is return the EHESS Agreement, together with some additional details. Follow our step-by-step guide below:

1. Download and print the Agreement, sign it and email a scanned copy to

2. In your covering correspondence, please indicate to CLA:
- Your existing British Library account number (if applicable)
- If you would like to pay monthly, or pay in advance. If paying in advance, indicate the sum to be deposited. Please note the minimum payment is £150.00 + VAT.

3. Please note:
- If you currently have a deposit with the British Library, please contact them to discuss a possible refund. Deposits with the British Library cannot be used against your EHESS purchases.
- If you order your content (CFP or outsourced scanning) via a third party such as the Digital Content Store, you will need to alert that third party of your change to EHESS.

Once we have received your returned agreement, we will be in touch with your account and log in details.

If you want to know more about what EHESS is and how it works, have a look at our FAQs.

Get in touch

If you have any queries relating to setting up your account you can call us on 020 7400 3171

Or if you just want to know more about the service and how it works then contact us

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