Licence Scheme for Public Libraries

This licence provides a one-off cover to make photocopies from print publications, without seeking permission directly from the copyright owner in each case.

  • Make photocopies from titles published in the UK and 39 international territories
  • Copy up to one chapter, one whole article, one report, one poem or 5% of the total, whichever is the greater

This licence is in the form of a downloadable PDF, which can be purchased from the librarian for a fee of £38 plus VAT. Before making a copy, you will be asked to provide details of the work you are copying. You are then permitted to make the copy yourself at the library or have a member of staff make the copy on your behalf.

You can download the PDF here

Please contact us for more information

Supporting tools

CLA Check Permissions Tool
Check Permissions works for all, even if you don’t have a licence. Use it to check whether an article, book or website is covered by the CLA licence
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