Essential training for responsible organisations aiming to cultivate copyright confidence in the workplace.

CLA’s copyright course, Copyright in the workplace, will educate your teams on the basics of copyright, the permissions within the CLA Licence and how their day-to-day actions may result in a copyright compliance risk. The accompanying interactive Q&A tool further supports copyright comprehension, ensuring swift resolution of key copyright queries.

  • Standardise copyright law comprehension
  • Foster responsible copying practices
  • Boost collaboration with peace of mind
  • Mitigate copyright infringement risks

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Government regulated CLA

With over 41 years of excellence in rights and licensing, government-regulated CLA is the definitive choice for copyright training in the UK. As a trusted authority, CLA provides unparalleled expertise in navigating copyright in the workplace.​

  1. Engaging and narrative-led online training course to support copyright comprehension in the workplace.
  2. Ideal for organisations looking to foster responsible content usage and mitigate infringement risks.
  3. Supports improved understanding of the CLA Licence for existing licence holders.
  4. Accompanying interactive Q&A tool reinforces this knowledge, providing ongoing support.

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