Find out more about CLAs Copyright in the Workplace and Interactive Tool.
CLA’s Copyright in the Workplace course provides a foundational understanding of copyright law in the workplace. The Copyright Companion tool has been developed to further support employees with ongoing questions around copyright, and permissions granted under the CLA Business Licence. The course and supporting tool are beneficial for all levels of employees across all departments in your organisation, especially those who use and share content. Both products will educate your teams on the basics of copyright, the permissions within the CLA Licence and how their day-to-day actions may result in a copyright compliance risk.
This online course takes between 30 to 40 minutes to complete.
No, this course is designed to benefit all users, regardless of their CLA Licence status. It is valuable for any organisation looking to enhance copyright comprehension and content use practices in the workplace. While it provides insights into the features of the CLA Business Licence, it is equally beneficial for employees and organisations without a licence, helping them better understand copyright law and responsible content use.
The course covers the following areas: 1. The basics of copyright. 2. Copyright Licences (Creative Commons, Public Domain & Blanket Licences). 3. Collective Management Organisations (CMOs): what are they and how do they work? 4. Copyright exceptions. 5. Consequences of copyright infringement. 6. Roles and responsibilities in the copyright ecosystem. 7. Permissions granted under the CLA Business Licence
Yes! Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and customisation options. There is also an option to host this course on your own internal learning platform. To discuss bespoke packages please contact our team on who will be happy to help.
Pricing is dependent on business size (there is no restriction on user numbers). If your organisation is a CLA licence holder, your business will receive a significant discount. Please enquire directly for further details.