Who are CLA and NLA?

NLA and CLA are separate copyright licensing organisations. Newspaper Licencing Agency (NLA) manages the licensing of copyrighted material from newspapers, selected magazines and media sites in print and digital. Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) licenses the use of published material in print and digital formats, including books, journals, selected magazines, media sites and images.

While NLA and CLA are both copyright licenses, they cover different repertoires of copyrighted material.

Do you need both?

The short answer is, yes. If your organisation shares, saves, prints or makes copies of any published content from magazines, newspapers or websites, it’s likely you require both a CLA and NLA licence to ensure copyright legislation compliance.

Crucially, there is no crossover in the publications covered by CLA and NLA licences, each licence covers compliance across separate repertoires of published work.

Licence cover

Licence Cover CLA logo
Books All books published in the UK None
Journals All peer-reviewed STM and HSS journals published in the UK None
Magazines (B2B & Consumer titles) 6,924 titles 1,903 titles
UK Newspapers None Most UK national and regional titles
International titles All books, magazines and journals published in 41 territories; some newspaper titles represented by Knowledge Bylanes and Syndigate Newspaper titles from 26 territories
Websites 12,925 web media sites 959 web media sites

Use Check Permissions

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Check Permissions

CLA is an agent for NLA in Education

NLA Schools Licence

The licence provides annual blanket permissions to schools. Copy and reuse content from print and digital newspaper publications.

NLA Education Establishment Licence

Annual permission for education establishments to copy and reuse print and digital content in the NLA repertoire. Add-ons available.