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Check Permissions

Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.


We help make copyright simple for publishers too!

We can help you to learn more about how and when your titles are used and get royalty payments when they are.

Publishers can benefit from our collective licensing scheme by signing up with our member Publishers' Licensing Services (PLS) to be eligible for royalty payments.

By signing up your publications will be included in our licences sold to businesses, education institutions and public sector organisations. The scheme gives licence holders the right to copy extracts from your titles for certain limited uses.

This means that where your published works (extracts from books, magazines, journals etc.) are copied, shared or reused; and then logged in our regular data collections from licensees, you should receive the royalties you are due.

This way you will know more about where and how your work is used and receive payments for uses which you might otherwise have not been aware of.   





Record royalty payments

Publishers that are signed up to the collective licensing scheme are eligible for a payment of royalties. That’s money that goes straight to your bottom line. 





Unrivalled coverage

We have unequalled coverage of UK and international organisations. We license nearly 40,000 UK business, education and public sector sites, including media monitoring agencies who provide clippings, web-links and alerts on behalf of their clients. We also receive royalties when your publications are copied in more than 35 international territories. 





Access to data and intelligence

We have a unique and dedicated team collecting data directly from over 1,000 licensed organisations and millions of copying items are logged and matched to our database of over 16 million publications every year. This means we are able to give you detailed granular data about which of your titles are copied, and how often. 





Comprehensive title inclusion

All titles in your catalogues will be included in our system and will attract payment even if you don’t notify us about them or if they were published decades ago. 


fees paid



Authors copyright fees paid directly

Under our scheme, authors always get paid their share of licensing royalties as part of the deal; without you having to do anything, regardless of what the contracts say. 





Our track record

We have been operating our licensing scheme since 1983, achieving impressive growth in royalties year-on-year. As pioneers of collective licensing for publishers we have paid nearly £1.5bn to copyright owners since we were established. 

If you want to sign up or find out more about licensing or other services for publishers, please contact PLS directly.

The diagram below illustrates how CLA sells licences and gathers data in order to pay royalties to publishers.

CLA sells licences and gathers copying data in order to give royalties to publishers

Certain works are excluded from CLA licences by authors or publishers and these are available  to view on our Excluded works page.

If you think you might want to opt your works out of the CLA licence please email us at 

If you have a question about our licensing scheme and how we license your content, please contact us.

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