Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee concentrates on essential areas of business such as financial reporting, data, health and safety, as well as programmes and projects. On behalf of the Board, the Committee’s primary responsibilities include ensuring the establishment of a robust assurance and risk management framework. Furthermore, the Committee provides an annual assurance statement to the Board.


  • Jackie Freeman – Chair
  • Mark Majurey
  • Andrew Freeman
  • James McConnachie

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s role is to assess membership applications and where appropriate recommend approval of applications to the Members.

People and Remuneration Committee

The People and Remuneration Committee (PRC) serves as an advisory body to both the Board and the Supervisory Committee, aligning its operations with the governance structures of CLA.

Tasked with overseeing the annual performance reviews of the CLA Chief Executive, the PRC receives a comprehensive performance summary of the senior leadership team directly from the CEO.

Additionally, the Committee evaluates and proposes updates to policies on staff and management welfare, remuneration, and other significant HR matters, for Board approval.


  • Catherine Quinn – Chair
  • Neil Burgess
  • Tom Chatfield
  • Susan Voss

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