The list below shows publishers that have opted to include their digital publications in the Business Multinational Licence repertoire. If the publisher is not shown on this list then the material may not be copied or re-used.
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For digital material published outside the UK you will need to refer to the list of International Territories.

Please note that publishers can exclude specific titles. This will be indicated on the list and the titles can be viewed by expanding the record using the arrow button.

Publishers are listed alphabetically and displayed one letter at a time.

Publisher NameRecent Addition
1883 Limited
2FM Limited
2Simple Software Limited
31 Media Limited
328 Media Limited
3BL Media LLC
3DTotal Publishing Limited
3P Learning Limited
4SM NI Limited
55 North Limited
5m Books Limited
69 Magazine Limited
A and A Thorpe
A to B Magazines
AA Media Limited
AAVO On Camera Publications
AB Academic Publishers
Abacus Educational Services
ABCO Design Limited
Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce Limited
Aberdeen City Council
Aberdeen Petroleum Publishing Limited
Aberdeen University Press Limited
Aberystwyth University
Ability Needs
Ablan Publishing Company Limited
ABM Publishing Limited
ABR Company Limited
Absolute Multimedia UK Limited
Abundant Life Recording and Entertainment Company Limited
Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited
Academic Conferences International Limited
Academy Editions Limited
ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)
ACC Art Books Limited
Accelerated Learning Systems Limited
Accent Press Limited
Access Press UK
Accordia Research Institute
Accounts Commission
ACE Education Advice CIC Limited
Aceville Publications Limited
ACH Publishing Limited
ACP Publishers Limited
Acquamarine Limited
ACT (Administration) Limited
ACT Publishing UK Limited
Action Against Medical Accidents Limited
Action For Sick Children
Action with Communities in Rural England
Active Magazines Limited Limited
Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Limited
Adam Christie
Adamson Publishing Limited
Addiction Recovery Foundation
Address Journal for Fashion Criticism
Adonis and Abbey Publishers Limited
Adrian Webster Limited
Advanced Success Limited
Advanstar Communications (UK) Limited
Adventurize Media Limited
Advertising Association
Advertising Standards Authority
Advisory Council on Latin American and Iberian Information Resources
Adweek LLC
AE Morgan Publications Limited
AE3 Media Limited
Aelurus Publishing Limited
AEP Media Limited
Aesthetica Magazine Limited
Africa Analysis Limited
African Bird Club
AGAR (Ann Gillanders Advanced Reflexology)
Agenda Magazine and Editions Charitable Trust
Agile Media Limited
Agora Business Publications LLP
Agricultural Communications Limited
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Agritrade News Limited
Agro Business Consultants Limited
Agroforestry Research Trust
AHY Limited
Aidan Ellis Publishing
AII Data Processing OOD
Air Britain Trust Limited
Airplan Flight Equipment Limited
Ajay Sood
AK Press Limited
Akabo Media Limited
Akaroa Tech Limited
Alain Charles Publishing Limited
Alan Peat Limited
Alan Pryor operating as Pryor Publications
Albany Media Limited
Alchemy Contract Publishing Limited
Alchemy Media Solutions Limited
Alexandrine Press
Alexis 288
Algana Publishing
Alibi Publishing Limited
Alison Jones Business Services Limited t/a Practical Inspiration Publishing
Alison Page Marketing
Al-Karam Publications Limited
Alkin Books Limited
All at Sea Publications Limited
All Out Cricket Limited
All4Holdings Limited
Alliance House Foundation
Allies Group
Alligator Products Limited
Allison and Busby Limited
Alma Books Limited
Alnpete Limited
Alpha Science International Limited
Alpine Garden Society
Alt Assets Limited
Alzheimers Society
Amateur Athletic Association Limited
Amateur Entomologists Society
Amber Books Limited
Amber Lane Press Limited
Amber Publishing and Training Limited
Ambient Press Limited
Ammonite Books
Amnesty International UK Limited
AMS Digital Publishing Limited
a-n The Artists Information Company
Anaconda Editions Limited
Ancient Monuments Society
And Other Stories Publishing CIC
Anderson and Co Publishing Limited
Andersons Centre
Anderton Press Limited
Andrell Education Limited
Andrew Carey
Anforme Limited
Angel Business Communications Limited
Angel Internet Limited
Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club
Anglia Ruskin University
Anglo Saxon Books
Anita Grant Limited
Ann Arbor Publishers Limited
Anne Eakin
Anness Publishing
Anser Publishing
Anshan Limited
Antarctic Science Limited
Anthem Publishing Limited
Anthony Stevens
Antiques Diary
Antiquity Publications Limited
AP Publications Limited
APA Publications (UK) Limited
APITS Limited
APL Media Limited
Apple Academic Press
Appletree Press Limited
Applied Probability Trust
Applied Sport Publications
Apptitude Media Limited
Apsley Paper Trail
APT Initiatives Limited
Arachne Press Limited
Arbeia Society
Arberry Pink Limited
Archaeological and Architectural Society of Durham and Northumberland
Archaeology Scotland
Archaeopress Publishing Limited
Archant Life Limited
Archant Specialist plc
Archbishops Council
Archetype Publications Limited
Architects Registration Board
Architectural Association Publications Limited
Architectural Technology Services Limited
Architecture Foundation
Archive Publishing
Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland)
Arcturus Digital Limited
Arcwind Limited
Aremi Limited
Ariad Associates
Aristotelian Society
Ark Conferences Limited
Arkan for Studies Research and Publishing
ARM Limited
Arms and Armour Society
Aroq Limited
Aros Corporation Limited
Arris Publishing Limited
Arrow Gate Publishing Limited
Art and Christianity
Art Monthly Foundation
Art Newspaper
Art of the State
Art Review Limited
Articles of Faith Limited
Artifice Press
Arts Council England
Arts Council of Wales
Arts Intelligence Limited
Arts Professional Media Limited
Arts Research Limited
Arts Society
Ascential Information Services Limited
Asempa Limited Limited
Ashfield Health Limited
Ashley and Dumville Publishing Limited
Ashley Drake Publishing Limited
Ashmolean Museum
Asian Art Newspaper
Asian Bride Events Limited
Asian Express Newspaper (AEN)
Asian Media and Marketing Group Limited
Asian Media Group USA Inc
ASIS UK Chapter 208
Askham Bryan College
ASP Media Limited
Assemble Media Group Limited
Assignment Media Limited
Association for Contemporary Jewellery Limited
Association for Family Therapy Limited
Association for Heritage Interpretation
Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services
Association for Perioperative Practice
Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration
Association for Physical Education
Association for Project Management
Association for Public Service Excellence
Association for Science Education
Association for Scottish Literary Studies Limited
Association for the History of Glass Limited
Association of Applied Biologists
Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers
Association of British Clinical Diabetologists Limited
Association of British Dispensing Optician College
Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
Association of Business Executives
Association of Consultant Architects Limited
Association of Illustrators Limited
Association of Independent Museums
Association of Independent Professionals and Self Employed Limited
Association of International Accountants
Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences
Association of Management Spirituality and Religion
Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists
Association of Pension Lawyers
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Association of Photographers Limited
Association of Teachers of Mathematics Limited
Association of University Administrators
Association of Welding Distribution Limited
At Work Partnership Limited
ATG Media Limited
Athene Publishing Limited
Athletics Weekly Limited
Athole Design and Publishing Limited
Atlantic Books Limited
Atlantic Europe Publishing Company Limited
Atlas Medical Publishing Limited
Atlas Press Limited
Atom Content Marketing Limited
Attwood and Binsted Limited
Audit Scotland
Aura Leisure and Libraries Limited
Aurora Metro Publications Limited
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Limited
Authentic Media Limited
Authors Licensing and Collecting Society
Auto Trader Limited
Autodata Limited
Autometrix Publications Limited
Automotive Retail Limited
Autosport Media UK Limited
AVERT Limited
Avery Hill Publishing Limited
Aveta Publishing Limited
Aviation Economics Limited
Aviation Strategy Limited
Avicia Press Limited
Avizandum Publishing Limited
Avmark Inc
Avril Nicoll Business
Award Publications Limited
Axis Education Limited
Axon Education Limited
B and ES Publications Limited
B and S Publications Limited
B Small Publishing Limited
B2B Publishing Limited
B4 National Limited
BaBa Productions
Babcock Learning and Development Partnership LLP
Back Page Books Limited
Backpages Limited
Badger Publishing Limited
Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union
Balloon View Publishing Limited
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Baltic Publications Limited
Bangor University
Bank of England
Banner of Truth Trust
Barbara Ward
Bardwell Press
Barefoot Books Limited
Barker Brooks Communications Limited
Barn Owl Books
Baron Books
Barrett Byrd Associates Limited
Barrington Stoke Limited
Barry Wright (Pulse Publications)
Bath Publishing Limited
Battlespace Publications
Bauer Consumer Media Limited
Bay Publishing Limited
Bayview Publishing Limited
BB 2000 Limited
BBA Enterprises Limited
BBC Monitoring
BCF Books
BCI Forum Limited
BCS Learning and Development Limited
Beacon Publishing
Beacon School Support Limited
Bearpark Publishing Limited
Beat Dyslexia Group (Partnership)
Beauty Papers Limited
Beckhouse Media Limited
Bedfordshire Archaeological Council
Bedfordshire Historical Record Society
Bee Craft Limited
Beech Tree Publishing
Beetroot Publishing Limited
Bell Publishing Limited
Belle Media Limited
Bene Factum Publishing Limited
Benedict Books Limited
Benediction Classics Limited
Benefits and Compensation International
Benham Publishing Limited
Bennion Kearny Limited
Bentham Science Publishers
Bentley Creative Limited
Berean Publishing Trust
Berghahn Books Limited
Berkshire Archaeological Society
Berlinguer Limited
Bernard Babani Publishing Limited
Berrydales Publishers Limited
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Limited
Berw Limited
Berwickshire Naturalists Club
Bessacarr Publications Limited
Better Books
Betty Midgley
BFP Books
Bible Reading Fellowship
Big Cheese Publishing Limited
Big Issue
Big Little Media Limited
Big Time Press
Bike Sport News
Binsted Group Limited
BioExcel Publishing Limited
Biogs Limited
BioScientifica Limited
BIP Solutions Limited
Bira Publishing Limited
Birding World
BirdLife International
Birkbeck Department of English and Humanities
Birlinn Limited
Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society
Birmingham Diocesan Trust
BIS Publications
Black and White Publishing Limited
Black Dog Press
Black Dog Publishing Limited
Black Heart Media Limited
Black Jackal Books Limited
Black Ox Limited
Black Sheep Press Limited
Blackball Media Limited
Blackbird Digital Books
Blackthorn Press
Blaze Publishing Limited
Blockhead Media Limited
Bloodaxe Books Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Blue Edge Publishing Limited
Blue Green Media Limited
Blue Guides Limited
Blue Ibex Limited
Blues and Soul Limited
BMF Business Services Limited
BMI Publishing Limited
BMJ Publishing Group Limited (Journals)
BNA International Inc
Boarding Schools Association Limited
Boat International Group Limited
Bodleian Library Publishing
Bonhill Group Plc
Bonnier Books UK Limited
Book Collector Limited
Book Forge
Book Guild Limited
Book Systems Plus Limited
Book Trust
Book Works UK Limited
BookBrunch Limited
Booked Up Limited t/a Violette Editions
Booklife Publishing
Bookline and Thinker Limited
Bookmark Content
Bookmarks Bookshop
Books Beyond Words
Books for Keeps Community Interest Company
Books of Africa Limited
Books Wise Publications Limited
Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland Limited
Border Publishing Limited
Borthwick Publications - University of York
Bossiney Books Limited
Botanical Cornwall Group
Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Limited
Bourne Society
Bourton Group Limited
Bowden Publications
Bowerdean Press
Bowley Publications Limited
Boxer Books Limited
Boydell and Brewer Limited
BPG (Stamford) Limited
BPL Business Magazines Limited
BPP Learning Media Limited
Brace Carlton Limited
Bradbourne Publishing Limited
Bradt Travel Guides Limited
Bradwell Books
Brain and Spine Foundation
Brain Friendly Publications
Brambleby Books Limited
Bravo Limited
Braybrooke Press
Braybrooke Press Limited
BRC Trading Limited
Bretwalda Books Limited
Breviary Stuff Publications
Brewin Books Limited
Brick Development Association Limited
Bricket Wood Society
Brides Abroad
BridgeCom Media Limited
Briefing Notes in Economics
Bright Publishing Limited
Bright Red Publishing Limited
Brightday Publishing
Brighton West Pier Trust Limited
Brilliant Publications
BrillyBox Publishing and Media Limited
Bristol Academic Press
Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society
Bristol University Press
British Academy of Forensic Science
British Agricultural History Society
British Allied Trades Federation Limited
British American Security Information Council
British and Foreign School Society
British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association Limited
British and Irish Orthoptic Society
British Antarctic Survey
British Art Medal Trust
British Association For American Studies
British Association for Canadian Studies
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
British Association for Early Childhood Education
British Association for Local History
British Association for Music Therapy Limited
British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited
British Association of Art Therapists Limited
British Association of Dental Nurses
British Association of Medical Managers
British Association of Nature Conservationists Limited
British Association of Paper Historians
British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians
British Association of Play Therapists
British Association of Removers Limited
British Association of Social Workers Limited
British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Limited
British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
British Astronomical Association
British Cactus and Succulent Society
British Cattle Veterinary Association
British Cave Research Association
British Compressed Gases Association Limited
British Copyright Council Limited
British Council
British Council for Offices Limited
British Crop Protection Council
British Curry Club
British Deaf Association
British Dietetic Association Limited
British Dragonfly Society
British Ecological Society
British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery
British Educational Research Association
British Entomological and Natural History Society
British Epilepsy Association Limited
British Film Institute
British Forum for Ethnomusicology
British Geological Survey
British Goat Society
British Grassland Society
British Heart Foundation Limited
British Herbal Medicine Association Limited
British Homeopathic Association
British Horological Institute
British Horse Society
British Institute for the Study of Iraq
British Institute of International and Comparative Law Limited
British Institute of Learning Disabilities Limited
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Limited
British Institute of Radiology
British Journal of Phytotherapy
British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society
British Library
British Management Data Foundation
British Materials Handling Board Limited
British Menopause Society Limited
British Museum Company Limited
British Myriapod and Isopod Group
British Naturalists Association
British Naturism Limited
British Numismatic Society
British Nutrition Foundation
British Ornithologists Club
British Ornithologists Union
British Paediatric Services Limited
British Parking Association Limited
British Plant Gall Society
British Psychoanalytic Council
British Psychological Society
British Pteridological Society
British Records Association
British Rowing Limited
British Safety Council
British School at Athens
British School at Rome
British Science Fiction Association
British Small Animal Veterinary Association
British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics
British Society for the History of Science
British Society of Animal Science SCIO
British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy Limited
British Society of Developmental Disabilities
British Society of Gastroenterology
British Society of Medical Secretaries and Administrators
British Society of Rheology
British Sociological Association Publications Limited
British Thoracic Society
British Tourist Authority
British Trust for Ornithology
Broadcasting Entertainment Communications and Theatre Union
Brookemead Associates Limited
Brookings Institution Press
Brookworth Books
Brown and Brown (Publishing)
Brown Son and Ferguson Limited
Browse and Darby Limited
Brunton Business Publications Limited
BSI Standards Limited
BSRIA Limited
BT Batsford Limited
Buckland Media Group Limited
Buckley Publications
Bucks and Wadey
Building Societies Association
Buildinsite Limited
Built Environment Media (London) Limited
Bulldog Publishing Limited
Bulletin of Medical Ethics
Burke Publishing
Burkes Peerage
Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited
Burlington Magazine Publications Limited
Burlington Media Group Limited
Burning Chair Limited
Business Archives Council
Business Education Publishers Limited
Business Money Promotions Limited
Business Spain
Business Valuation Resources Inc
BusinessCloud Publishing Limited
Butterfly Conservation
Buttermere Wedge Publishing Limited
BX Plans Limited
C H Publications Limited
C Hurst and Co Publishers Limited
C Realisations 2011 Limited
CAA Cymru
Cadmus Newsletters Limited
Caliban Books
Calisi Press Limited
Call Scotland
Callan Limited
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Cambridge Academic Limited
Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Cambridge International Science Publishing
Cambridge Philological Society
Cambridge Publishers Limited
Cambridge Strategy Publications Limited
Cambridge University Press
Camden History Society
Cameron Books (Production) Limited
Campaign for Better Transport
Campaign For Real Ale Limited
Campaign to Protect Rural England Limited
Campden BRI Chipping Campden Limited
Camping and Caravanning Club Limited
Campsie Hills Books
CAMRADATA Analytical Services Limited
Canan Limited
Canary Limited
Canbury Press Limited
Canolfan Peniarth - University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Canongate Books Limited
Canterbury Archaeological Trust Limited
Capital Ideas Financial Publishing Limited
Capital Transport Publishing Limited
Capstone Global Library Limited
Captain Cook Society
Caravan Club Limited
Carcanet Press Limited
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff Metropolitan University Press
Cardiff University Press
Care Choices Limited
Career Concern
Career Media Limited
Careers Europe
Carel Press Limited
Cargo Media Limited
Caring Books
Carlton Books Limited
Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society
Carmarthenshire County Council
Carnegie Publishing Limited
Carnyx Group Limited
Caroline Walker Trust
Carrick Media
Carroll and Brown Limited
Carys Publishing Limited
Casemate UK Limited
Caspian Media Limited
Castings Technology International Limited
Castle Media Limited
Catbird Limited
Cathedral Communications Limited
Catherine Saint Publicity
Catholic Herald Limited
Catholic University of America Press
Cathy Joanne Andrews
Catnip Publishing Limited
Caxton Publishing Group Limited
CB Editions
CBD Research Limited
CE Marketing Group Limited
Cedar Communications Limited
Cello Press Limited
Cengage Learning EMEA Limited
Centaur Communications Limited
Centor Publishing
Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
Central European University Press
Central Veterinary Services Limited
Centre for Accessible Environments
Centre for Brand Analysis
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
Centre for Disability Studies
Centre for Economic Policy Research
Centre for Food and Health Studies Limited
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Centre for Local Economic Strategies Limited
Centre for Mental Health
Centre for Performance Research Limited
Centre for Policy On Ageing Limited
Centre for Policy Studies Limited
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education Limited
Centre for the Study of Public Policy
Centre of Construction Law
Ceramic Review
Certified Accountants Educational Projects Limited
CG Jung Club London
Chalcombe Publications
Chalksoft Limited
Challenger Society for Marine Science
Chamberlain Dunn Associates Limited
Chancellor Publications Limited
Channel Four Television Corporation
Channel View Publications Limited
Chap Limited
Chapel Studios Limited
Charles Lamb Society
Charlton Grant Limited
Chartered Association of Building Engineers Limited
Chartered College of Teaching
Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
Chartered Institute of Building
Chartered Institute of Credit Management
Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Limited
Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
Chartered Institute of Horticulture
Chartered Institute of Housing
Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
Chartered Institute of Journalists
Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland
Chartered Institute of Linguists
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK)
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Chartered Quality Institute
Chartered Society of Designers
Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Charterhouse Conference and Communication
Chartwell Publishers Limited
Chase Cambria Company (Publishing) Limited
Chef Media Limited
Chelsea Green Publishing
Chelsea Magazine Company Limited
Chemcord Limited
Cheshire Magazine Limited
Cheshire West and Chester Council
Chess Executive Limited
Chester Archaeological Society
Chicken House Publishing Limited
Child Poverty Action Group
Children Act Enterprises Limited
Children England
Children In Scotland Limited
Childrens Project Limited
Childrens Services Education Department Sandwell MBC
Childrens Society
Childs Play International Limited
Chiltime Publishing
Chimes Publishing and Postcards Limited
Choice Publishing Limited
Chris Malcolm Limited
Chris Quigley Education Limited
Christian Education Movement
Christian Focus Publications
Christian Publishing and Outreach Limited
Christies Limited
Church of London Publishing Limited
Church Society
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
CiA Training Limited
Cicada Books
Cicerone Press Limited
Cider Press
CIM Online Limited
Cinema Theatre Association
Cinnamon Press
CIPFA Business Limited
CIPFA Business Limited - Public Finance
Circle Time Press
CIRIA (Construction Industry Research & Information Association)
Citizens Advice
Citizens Basic Income Trust
City and Guilds of London Institute Limited
City University of London School of Health Sciences
Civic Associates Limited
Civic Trust
Civil Comp Limited
Civil Society Media Limited
CJ Wellings Limited
CL Initiatives Limited
Claerhout Publishing Limited
Claire Publications/Jonathan Press Limited
Clairview Books Limited
Clapton Press Limited
Clara Waters
Clarendon Gate Limited
Claret Press
Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain
Claritax Books Limited
Clarivate Analytics UK Limited
Clark White Publications Limited
Clash Magazine Limited
Class Publishing Limited
Classical Comics Limited
Classical Press of Wales
Clearview Books
Clearview Financial Media Limited
Clearview Group Limited
Cliffeco Limited
Clifton Press
Clinical Pocket Reference Limited
Clinical Press Limited
Clinical Skills Limited
Closer Still Media Limited
CloserStill E-Learning Awards Limited
CMCS Publications
CMI Enterprises Limited
CMP Publishing Limited
Coach and Bus Week Limited
Coach House Publications
Coaching at Work Limited
Cobalt Development Institute Limited
Cobweb Information Limited
Cochrane Collaboration
Code in Practice Limited
Cognitive Publishing Limited
Cognitrix Limited
Cogora Limited
Coke Oven Managers Association
Colchester Archaeological Group
Colin Smythe Limited
Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council Limited
Collections Trust
Color Company TM Limited
Colour Heroes Limited
Colourfast Group Limited
Colourpoint Creative Limited
Comadem International
Comma Press Limited
Commercial Property Monthly
Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland
Common Threads Publications Limited
Commonwealth Education Trust
Commonwealth Forestry Association
Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Commonwealth Secretariat
Commotion Limited
Communication 4 All
Communications International Group Limited
Community Development Foundation Limited
Community of the Sisters of the Church
Comp Med Bulletin
Company of Biologists Limited
Compass Internet Limited
Compass Maps Limited
Compass Publications Limited
Compendium Developments Limited
Competitor Media UK Limited
Complete Circulation and Marketing Limited
Complete Media and Marketing Limited
Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Concorde Publishing Limited
Concrete Society Limited
Conde Nast International Limited
Conde Nast Publications Limited
Confederation of British Industry
Conference and Travel Publications Limited
Conference of Socialist Economists
Conflict Studies Research Centre Limited
Connect Publications (Scotland) Limited
Connell Guides Publishing Limited
Connell Publishing Limited
Consejeria De Educacion
Consensus Economics Inc
Conservative Party
Consortium for Therapeutic Communities
Construction Industry Conference Centre Limited
Construction Industry Council
Construction Industry Publications Limited
Construction Media Publishing Limited
Construction Products Association Limited
Construction Project Information Committee
Contact A Family
ContactRight Limited
Container Management Limited
Contemporary Review Company Limited
Contentive Limited
Contista Media Limited
Conway Hall Ethical Society
Cool Antarctica
Co-Operative College CIO
Co-operative Group Limited
Coordination Group Publications Limited
Copyright Licensing Agency Limited
Coram Childrens Legal Centre Limited
CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy
Cordee Limited
Corgi Services Limited
Corkerhill Press
Cornell University Press
Cornerhouse Publications Limited
Cornwall Editions Limited
Co-Sign Communications
Cotteswold Naturalists Field Club
Council for British Archaeology - South Midlands
Council for British Archaeology Limited
Council for Kentish Archaeology
Council of Mortgage Lenders
Country and Town House Limited
Country Land and Business Association Limited
Countrymans Way
Countryside Books
Countryside Management Association
County Life Limited
Countyvise Limited
Courseware Publications Limited
Covenant Publishing Company Limited
Covet Publications
Coxmoor Publishing Company Limited
CPL Media
Crack Limited
Crafts Council
Craftsman Publishing Company Limited
Crain Communications Limited
Crakehill Press
Crambeth Allen Publishing Limited
Cranachan Publishing Limited
Cranfield University
Cranfield University Press
Cranmore Publications
Cravenhill Publishing Limited
Creative Monochrome Limited
Creative Scotland
Creature Media Limited
Crecy Publishing Limited
Cremation Society of Great Britain Limited
Creme De La Crime Limited
Crescent Moon Publishing
Cressrelles Publishing Company Limited
Cricketer Publishing Limited
Crime and Mystery Club Limited
Crisis Management Limited
Criterion Publishing Limited
Critical Publishing Limited
CRL Publishing Limited
Crohns and Colitis UK Limited
Croner i Limited
Croner Reward Limited
Crosby Associates Limited
Cross Academe Limited
Crossbow Education Limited
Crown House Publishing Limited
Crowood Press Limited
Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Cruising Association
Cruse Bereavement Care
CryoLetters Limited Liability Partnership
Crystal Palace Community Association
Crystal Palace Foundation
CSEF Limited
Cullum Publishing Limited
Culm Valley Publishing Limited
Culture Crossings
Cultureshock Media Limited
Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society
Cumberland Lodge
Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
Curracag Natural History Society
Current Publishing Limited
Curriculum Press Limited
CV Publications
Cyber Communications Limited
Cyclists Touring Club Limited
Cygnus Education Limited
Cyhoeddiadau'r Gair
Cyhoeddwr Adnoddau Addysg (CAA)
Cyhoeddwyr Cambria Cyfyngedig
Cymdeithas Cerdd Dafod
Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd
Cymdeithas Hanes a Chofnodion Sir Feirionnydd
Cymdeithas Hanes Sir Ddinbych
CZD Crosswords
D2 Digital by Design Limited
DAA Halsgrove Limited
Dairy Council
Dairy UK Limited
Dalen (Llyfrau) Cyf
Dales Life
Dalesman Country Publications Limited
Damson Media Limited
Dance Books Limited
Dance Europe
Dancing Times Limited
Dangerspot Books Limited
Darton Longman and Todd Limited
Data Centre Dynamics Limited
Datapharm Limited
Datateam Business Media Limited
Dave Higgins t/a Dave Higgins
Davenant Press
David and Charles Limited
David Bunker
David Buttle t/a UK Unpublished
David Darling
David Dick
David Fickling Books
David Fickling Comics Limited
David Hall Publishing Limited
Day One Christian Ministries Limited
Days Out Publishing Limited
DC Books Canada
DC Publishing Limited
De Agostini UK Limited
De Coubertin Books Limited
De Montfort University
Dean Street Press
Deborah Charles Publications
Decorative Arts Society: 1850 to the Present
Dedalus Limited
Dedication Stories Limited
Deeson Publishing Limited
Definite Article Publications
Delta ELT Publishing Limited
Dementia Publishing Limited
Dennis Barber Limited
Dennis IP Limited
Dennis Publishing Limited
Dental Technician Magazine Limited
Department for Communities and Local Government
Department for Transport
Department of Archaeology - University of York
Department of Health
Derbyshire Archaeological Society
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Design and Technology Association Limited
Design Council
Design Dimension Educational Trust
Desktop Publications Limited
Detailextra Limited
Development Education Centre Birmingham Limited
Development Studies Association
Devon Archaeological Society
Devon School Library Service
Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science Literature and the Arts
Dewi Lewis Media Limited
Dewi Lewis Publishing
Dexter Graphics
DFA Manufacturing Media Limited
DG Publishing Limited
DIA (Int) Limited
Diagram Visual Information Limited
Dialogos UK Limited
Dickens Fellowship
Dickson Price Publishers
Digital Look Limited
Digital Sea Limited
Digital Skills
Digital Wellbeing Limited
Dimen Corporation Limited
Dipterists Forum
Directory of Social Change Limited
Disability News Service
Disability Rights UK Limited
Disturbance Press
Dived Up Publications
Diversified Business Communications UK Limited
DJ Media
DJ Murphy Publishers Limited
DMG Events (MEA) Limited
DMM Hosting Limited
Dobson Books Limited
Dodo Press Limited
Dods Parliamentary Communications
Dog Horn Publishing
Dog World Limited
Donica Publishing Limited
Dorling Kindersley Limited
Dorset Magazine Limited
Dorset Publishing Company
Dorson West Limited
Dot Publications
Double A Media Limited
Double Trouble Enterprises
Dove Medical Press Limited
Dovecote Press Limited
Down Syndrome Education International
Dr John A Elliott
Dr Reza Arshady
Dramatic Lines Publishers
Dref Wen Cyf
Drogo Research
DS Media
DSH Editing
DSP Publishing Limited
Duchy College Rural Business School
Duckworth Books Limited
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society
Dunedin Academic Press Limited
Dustri Verlag Dr Karl Feistle GmbH and Co
DVV Media International Limited
DWHA Limited
Dynamite Educational Publishers Limited
Dyslexia Action
Eagle Publishing
Earlsgate Press
Earlswood Press
Early Bird Farming Publications Limited
Early Childhood Practice
Early Vision
Earth Island Publishing Limited
Earth Science Teachers Association
Easingwold Town Hall Company Limited
East Anglian Archaeology
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Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland
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Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
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Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
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