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Quality journalism is a powerful tool in education. Join the 500-strong group of colleges, universities, and educational institutions that hold an NLA Licence.

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Open the doors to the valuable world of journalism without copyright worries. The bespoke range of NLA Licences allow for the sharing of newspaper content across your institution without the concern of copyright infringement.

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How can NLA Licence support your educational institution?

NLA Licences support the copying and sharing of valuable newspaper content for learning, training, marketing and promotion. Combined with the CLA licence, this promotes fair and responsible use of copied content across educational establishments.

Copying for teaching and learning

Learner access to robust and expert journalism has never been so important. With an NLA Basic Licence, staff can copy and share news articles with learners via email or the institution intranet, and avoid relying on unreliable links. There’s options to cover not only UK national, but also 500+ regional titles.

Copying for media monitoring

Tracking media coverage and knowing the perception of your institution in the media is vital. If your institution would like to copy and share news content as part of media monitoring activity – either via an MMO subscription or in house – we have licensing options for you.

Copying for public promotion

Positive news articles that broadcast your good work to the world are one of the most credible forms of publicity there is. To help spotlight your successes and establish your brand, you can post articles to public facing sites and social media with the Corporate Website Republishing Licence.

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Where does NLA Licence Revenue go?

NLA Media Access licence revenue is distributed to publishers as royalty payments. NLA supports the Journalism Diversity Fund, which provides bursaries to aspiring journalists and supports students from diverse background to train.

Act responsibly. Protect your organisation. Support creatives. Copy, Right.

NLA Licence FAQs

The only licence that covers you to share externally – to your public facing sites and feeds for instance – is the CWRL. All other licences and add-ons cover internal copying.
You will be asked about your copying needs when you set up your licence(s), and also at each annual renewal. Outside of this, you will not need to report usage. If you are subscribed to an Media Monitoring Service (MMS), then the MMS will report usage and user numbers to CLA each year, and these will be used to calculate your renewal.
When you sign up to an MMS to receive clippings and links, that is covering the delivery service. In order to access the content delivered, and share it more widely, an NLA Licence is required.
Both print and digital formats are covered, so you can photocopy and scan but also copy and paste or screengrab from opted in titles.
The licences and add-ons are designed to make licensing flexible and bespoke for your needs. Depending on the kind of activity your institution/organisation wants to do, you can opt for different combinations of cover.

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