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CLA welcomes Tom Chatfield as Co-Chair


Tom Chatfield

CLA is delighted to announce that author and tech philosopher, Tom Chatfield, has been appointed as its new Co-Chair representing creators.  

Tom has been a director of the CLA Board for the last five years and has made a significant contribution to its strategy and governance during that period. Tom’s experience as an author, tech philosopher and leading voice on copyright and generative AI, will ensure he continues to add significant value to CLA in his new role as Co-Chair.  

Tom will serve as Co-Chair of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) along with Rosie Glazebrook (representing publishers). 

Mat Pfleger, CEO of CLA, said of Tom’s appointment:

“I’m delighted that Tom has taken up the role of Co-Chair at CLA. His experience as a writer, tech philosopher and strategic adviser will help CLA to continue to develop and play a vital role for content users and content creators in a fast-evolving marketplace.” 


Rosie Glazebrook, CLA Co-Chair added:

“I very much look forward to working with Tom as Co-Chair at CLA. In such a challenging marketplace, it is critical that our members continue to work together to ensure CLA provides excellent services that meet the needs of content users. Rightsholders must be fairly rewarded wherever their works are used and CLA is vital in achieving this.”


Tom Chatfield commented:

“With the rise of Generative AI, copyright and its safeguarding of human creativity has never been more significant. I am delighted to be joining CLA as Co-Chair, and to supporting its vital work assuring the recognition and reward of rightsholders of all kinds.”