Annual blanket cover for copyright compliance

Our Copyright licence for public bodies, including police and fire departments, public corporations and national park authorities, enables the reuse, sharing, digital copying and photocopying of published material, without risking copyright infringement. The licence provides annual blanket cover, so you don’t have to seek permission from copyright owners each time you copy.

  • Make photocopies from publications from the UK and 38 International territories
  • Produce scans from titles published in the UK and the US
  • Re-use and copy from electronic and online titles published in the UK and the US
  • Store copies on a secure Intranet
  • NEW: With Website Republishing permissions, post up to five articles (at any one time) per year on your own website from participating print magazines and publisher websites

Public administration licence fees & charges

Rates effective April 2023

The annual fee per employee of HEO grade or above is £32.66 (+VAT)
Licences for Public Administration are subject to a minimum annual charge of £158.82 (+VAT)

For example, if you have 100 total employees and 20 of those are identified as Professional Employees, the annual fee for the Public Administration Licence would be 20 x £32.66 = £653.20 + VAT

Please contact us for more information

Supporting tools

CLA Check Permissions Tool
Check Permissions works for all, even if you don’t have a licence. Use it to check whether an article, book or website is covered by the CLA licence
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