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PaperCut partners with Copyright Licensing Agency to introduce CLA Copy Button




Streamlining Copyright-Protected Material Logging Process

In a move that supports its broader digital transformation plans, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has announced an overhaul of the manual process used for logging details about copyright-protected material scanned or copied by staff/practitioners in the Education sectors. Working in partnership with PaperCut, it has introduced the CLA Copy Button, a time-saving and digital reporting process.

Enhancing Data Collection and Payment Efficiency

Underpinned by PaperCut MF – the powerful print management solution – the CLA Copy Button is being deployed in schools, colleges, and universities across the UK, helping to collect essential data so the CLA can make payments to the creators it represents.

Established 30 years ago, the CLA simplifies copyright for content users and copyright owners. It helps customers legally access, copy, and share the published content they need while also ensuring copyright owners receive fair royalties for the use of their work. The CLA Copy Button will aid CLA in this mission while also saving school staff time. The button is also expected to increase the volume and quality of the data collected, leading to more accurate royalty payments.

Simplifying Workflow with CLA Copy Button

With this new initiative, each time a member of staff makes a copy or scans using a Multifunction Device (MFD) featuring the CLA Copy Button and PaperCut MF, they select the relevant button, then scan the document and enter the number of people the copy is for. This information is securely sent in real-time to the CLA. The improved workflow efficiency provided by the CLA Copy Button helps reduce the administrative burden placed upon teachers and the CLA’s admin team while providing greater data insights into printed or copied material and the institutions involved, making it easier and quicker to reimburse the content originator.

Transition from Manual Process to Digital Reporting

Prior to the introduction of the CLA Copy Button, staff had to follow a manual process. Once at the MFD, they would complete a data label with the information about the source material – including its International Standard Book Number – and confirm the number of pages used and whether they were copied or scanned. Once completed, the form was placed in a box next to the MFD. Periodically, CLA staff would empty the boxes and send all the paperwork to the CLA office for processing. Not only was this workflow cumbersome and environmentally unfriendly, but it could also be error-prone and affect reimbursement accuracy. Given these inefficiencies, there were growing demands from the education community to find a more efficient process for logging the scanning and copying of copyright-protected content.

Chief Product and Data Officer’s Perspective

Eela Devani, CLA’s Chief Product and Data Officer, stated, “The CLA Copy button enables us to automate reporting, save time, and reduce paper waste, which aligns with the organization’s broader digital transformation goals. Not only will the CLA Copy Button boost the productivity of teachers and CLA admin staff alike, but it will also accelerate the pace at which publishers, authors, and artists are reimbursed. With published material such as books, magazines, and digital resources protected by copyright, we’re excited about this initiative and we’re looking forward to it being rolled out to other sectors in the future.”

PaperCut MF: Empowering Print Management

PaperCut MF is a powerful print management solution that provides simple and affordable print management software for copiers and scanning devices to automate workflows and collect data securely. It facilitates Mobile and BYOD printing and enables users to print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices. Its automated print queue function allows users to push the right print queues and printer drivers to roaming users, regardless of their location, all automatically. It also offers flexible and convenient print release, where users can print to one queue and pick up at any printer with the simple ‘tap and release’ workflow powered by Find-Me printing. Given its popularity within the education community, with many schools already standardizing on PaperCut, it was an obvious platform upon which to build the CLA Copy button. In the long term, the CLA intends to offer the CLA Copy Button to other vertical sectors where copying or scanning material protected by copyright is necessary.

Head of Channel & Alliance EMEA, PaperCut Software’s Statement

Stuart Brookes, Head of Channel & Alliance EMEA, PaperCut Software, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled that the CLA has chosen PaperCut as its preferred supplier to support the CLA Copy Button. PaperCut MF is already well established in schools across the UK, and we’re confident that teachers’ familiarity with the PaperCut brand will play a role in ensuring that the CLA Copy Button is a success with teachers and schools.”
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