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New ERA clips have arrived on CLA’s Education Platform

After collaborating on licensee support for the education sectors in the past, Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) have partnered to provide nearly 5,000 educational video and radio clips to the Education Platform. These broadcast clips have been carefully curated by ERA from BBC and Channel 4 archives and are available to all Education Platform users who have an ERA Licence.

The Education Platform already provides teachers with over 50,000 books and magazines for teachers to access and create digital extracts to share with their students. By partnering with ERA and adding video and audio clips to the mix, teachers have access to even more resources to make lessons fun, engaging and motivational.

The addition of ERA broadcast clips, brings the total of content on the Education Platform up to 56,153, with more content added regularly, making it a one-stop-shop for teachers from all levels including primary, secondary and sixth form colleges looking for a mix of resources for their classroom.

Content breakdown

ERA content breakdown

Well-chosen audio/visual clips, paired with extracts from class texts can help transport students away from the classroom, demonstrate complex topics, and bring a subject to life, as well as improve comprehension. The Education Platform does the hard work for the teacher by grouping these clips alongside its books and magazines as part of its improved search capability. These resources are freely available to licensed schools, providing teachers with a rich variety of content as well as the peace of mind that they are ensuring content creators, publishers and broadcasters are paid fairly for their work.

Breakdown of content by subject

Videos by subject


Mark Sweeting, Head of Products at CLA said:

We are very excited to be partnering with ERA on this initiative and are very grateful for their support and the quality of the materials that we can link to and look forward to growing our joint offering over the coming months.

The addition of these carefully curated audiovisual clips to our growing repository of book and magazine content is an important milestone for the Education Platform. This demonstrates our commitment to provide educators with access to diverse content of high-quality to support their teaching, regardless of the subject or curriculum level they are teaching.  We hope that by providing this content, side by side with text-based resources, we take some of the burden of finding great supporting content away from their busy workload


Helena Djurkovic, Chief Executive at ERA said:

We are delighted to be partnering with CLA to give teachers access to the rich and diverse collection of broadcast clips contained in ERA’s Video Streaming Platform when searching for literary resources on the Education Platform. By creating a one stop shop for books, magazines, and now broadcast resources, we are helping busy teachers make savings on that most critical of resources – their time.


You can access this new content on the Education Platform now.