Log your copying online using our web-logging tool

Our web-logging tool is an easy way of recording your copying as it happens.

The person responsible for your organisation’s CLA Licence will nominate a sample number of employees – if you are one of the chosen few, you should follow these simple steps.

Computer, Keyboard and A cup of Tea!

For this exercise, you will need…

Bookmark the URL

You will be sent a link to our web-logging tool. Be sure to bookmark the URL.

Input the copying information

Follow the link and input your copying information over the specified period of time.

Log your copying as you go

In an ideal world, you would log your copying as you go – that way you don’t end up racking your brains trying to remember what you copied weeks ago!

Sit back and relax

Once you reach the end of your logging period, just submit and sit back in the knowledge that the information you’ve provided has helped us to pay the relevant creators!

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