Copyright Licence documents

Education Licence (FE) – The T&Cs of your Licence

User Guidelines – Guidelines that explain the detail of your licence

Making Digital Copies – You can use this document for advice each time you make a scan or a digital copy under the Licence

Using Images – Images are copyrighted in the same way as any other creation. Use this guide to understand copyright and images

Copyright Notice – A notice to display for staff when making copies

Further Education Copying Guidelines Poster (Welsh) – A poster you can print and display going over the basics of your Education Licence. This version is in Welsh

Useful Links – There’s a range of organisations on hand to give helpful copyright advice. Use this guide for our recommended links

CLA Education Platform tool
Digital resources to copy and share with students for learning and teaching. Provided for use by schools and colleges covered by the CLA Education Licence
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CLA Check Permissions Tool
Check Permissions works for all, even if you don't have a licence. Use it to check whether an article, book or website is covered by the CLA licence
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Check Permissions

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