Photocopying Scanning Digital Material

The CLA Licence for the National Health Service in England allows you to photocopy, and if opted in by the publisher, scan and copy from certain digital material material published in the USA.

Specific publications included/excluded

  • Photocopying – photocopying from US material is limited to those works published by a Participating US Publisher. Click here to search the list.
  • Scanning/Digital – to see what titles can be copied please use Check Permissions.

Please note the following terms apply for US repertoire:

  • US repertoire included under your CLA licence for scanning from print and digital use is now limited to titles in the US CCC Electronic-Rights Works repertoire.
  • Your CLA licence will now only allow you to scan a US printed work if an electronic copy is not readily available from the publisher.
  • When scanning or making digital copies from US repertoire, the maximum number of articles that can be reproduced is two even if the issue relates to a particular theme.

The full CLA Licence for the National Health Service in England Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.