Photocopying Scanning Digital Material

Our agreements with CFC allow our licensees to photocopy, scan and copy digital material published in France.  

Specific publications included/excluded

  • Photocopying/Scanning – Certain French Publishers are excluded and their works cannot be copied, please see the short list of Excluded French Publishers below.
  • Copying Digital Material – We are awaiting details of which French digital publications may be copied. As soon as we receive this list it will be published on our site.

For further information on when digital material lists will be available for France, please contact:

James Bennett –  Head of Rightsholders Relations and Content Acquisition

Publisher NameTitle
L’Information DentaireAll Publications
Societe d’Edition L’Information DentaireAll Publications
Societe Nouvelle des Publications Medicales et DentairesAll Publications
Societe Editrice de la revue Realites CliniquesAll Publications
Strategies ProthetiquesAll Publications