CLA Independent Higher Education Licence

1 August 2024 – 31 July 2027

CLA has worked closely with CNAC to agree an enhanced licence with new features to further support Higher Education institutions when using third-party copyright material. This communication sets out the key information regarding both the new licence and related administrative processes.

New Features

The two key new features of the licence are as follows:​​​​

  • Copying extents for journals
    These will increase to two articles per issue (or 10%, whichever is the greater), or up to a whole issue if it is devoted to a particular theme. Regarding the latter, we will explain further within the revised User Guidelines, currently being drawn up in conjunction with CNAC.
  • Collaborative research projects
    There will be provision to share content with other UK HEIs in connection with collaborative research projects. Again, this will be covered in more detail within the revised User Guidelines, and within a specific ‘Quick Guide’ that will include practical examples.

Additionally, and following consultation with CNAC, there will be a change to the annual reporting of Digital Copies with effect from the reporting period 1 June 2024 – 30 May 2025. From this time onwards, all Digital Copies currently in use should be declared to CLA, including any such copies that were made during a previous reporting period. Further information will be available on our website. (For users of the Digital Content Store or an analogous platform, this change will be automated.)


To confirm, the ‘per student’ rates for the new licence will be as follows*, payable annually.

Type Rates
Main FTES £8.27
Distance Learners £8.27
Overseas Campus-Based Students (optional) £6.19

*Minimum fee: £55

Invoicing for the period 1 August 2024 – 31 July 2025

  • During June, we will write regarding your invoicing data for the initial licence year of 1 August 2024 – 31 July 2025, via our annual Data Request.
  • We will request data for your main FTES and Distance Learners, plus Overseas Campus-Based Students if applicable.
  • This year, for the first time, you will be able to adjust your figures using our new online portal, rather than having to send us details. Further information will be sent with our data request in June.
  • Invoicing will commence at the beginning of August.


Support materials and advice

We will start to add new and revised support materials to our website soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.