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Check Permissions

Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

Webinar Programme 

We run specialised, free webinars for our Higher Education licence holders. If you want to know more about how to make the most of your CLA Higher Education Licence, advice on undergoing a CLA audit, the latest DCS developments, and updates on KeyLinks (updated from rebus:list), signing up to our webinar list is the best way to do this! Not only does each webinar give you an in-depth look at the topic in question, it also gives you the chance to get your questions answered by us directly.

To get in touch about webinar-related issues, email You can ask to sign up to our HE webinar programme, email questions in advance of an upcoming webinar, or ask to receive recordings for any webinars you've missed. When you register as an attendee for a webinar, you will automatically receive a full recording of that webinar after its completion,  even if you couldn't attend on the day.

We've made some recordings available at the bottom of this page, so you can get a taste of what an HE webinar involves. If you're looking for a recording which isn't available here, please get in touch with


Upcoming Webinars

DCS: August 2019

Please join us for an hour session that will continue exploring the new functionality in the DCS.

Thursday, August 22, 2019, 11:00AM-12:00PM GMT

CLA's Licence to Copy

Did you know that most UK schools hold a copyright licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency?  This means that school staff can copy extracts of published works without worrying about the permission that can be necessary under copyright law.  

This webinar is designed to take you through the broad copyright landscape, before considering the important features of CLA's Licence to Copy.  This will help you understand what that means for your works and your teaching practice if you work in or visit schools.  As such, the session is of use to any author regularly in contact with schools, and who would like to further copyright awareness.

Wednesday, August 2018, 2019, 10:00AM-11:00AM GMT

KeyLinks: September 2019

Please join us for an hour session that will continue exploring the new functionality in KeyLinks.

Thursday, September 12, 2019, 11:00AM-12:00PM GMT


Below are some recordings of recent webinars. If you'd like a recording that isn't available here, please contact

Webinar Recordings

KeyLinks: April 2019 Release - coming soon

Please join us for an hour session that discusses the latest release to production.

CLA DCS: Back to Basics

This webinar goes back to basics and covers: What is the CLA Licence and what does your institution's HE Licence cover? How to create a request from scratch? Permissions: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Second Extract Permissions and Direct Permissions as the DCS request permission status Rollover: What is it and when should I start preparing for it?

CLA's Education Platform: Demo Webinar

This webinar is designed for school staff interested in our Education Platform, which enables you to quickly create, share and store copies from books to support your teaching. 

Watch an extract from 'Introduction to the DCS and Phase 4 Development'

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