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Giving back at CLA: 2019 Volunteer Day

Each year, CLA staff along with members of our sister organisations dedicate time to volunteering, often working alongside charities whose work helps to give back to the greater community.

Trees for Cities charity enrols local community volunteers to help plant trees in cities on a national and international scale. As the only UK charity to be working on projects of this magnitude, our team of volunteers are just some of the 80,000 volunteers to who have helped plant over a staggering 1,000,000 trees since the charity was founded in 1993.

Hainault Recreational Ground in East London is the latest addition to Trees for Cities’ Urban Trees Projects thanks to our incredible team of volunteers. Having planted around 250 whips and carrying out essential conservational tasks; this naturally sustainable area should benefit from healthy forestry in the upcoming years.

Many may think that a cool, Autumnal November day is not the most ideal for outdoor activities, yet staff all agreed that their involvement in this project gave them a great sense of achievement. Particularly, in the knowing that their hard work is beneficial not only to the local community, but a key step in the fight against climate change:

“I found it satisfying to see how many trees we managed to plant in a short space of time and know that they will still be there for a long time. Overall, it felt like a very worthwhile activity and I enjoyed doing something completely different to normal.

– Louisa Stark, ALCS

A big thank you to Trees for Cities for allowing us to assist with the fantastic work they continue to do across the world. For more information on this charity including how you can get involved, you can visit their website at