Find out more about the Higher Education Licence and how it can protect and support your organisation
Any member of staff can copy under the Licence – but some HEIs do restrict the making of digital copies for course provision to certain members of staff. It depends how your HEI has decided to best manage its obligations under the Licence. If you are not sure, please contact your CLA Licence Co-ordinator or Copyright Advisor.
Our standard licence lets an institution copy a limited extract from a published work – e.g. a single chapter from a book or 10%. Second Extract Permissions Service offers institutions the option to buy permissions on a pay as-you-go basis for an additional amount – a ‘second extract’ – e.g. another chapter from the book or another 10%. Discover more about SEPS here.
Registered students and members of staff. Copies made for students in connection with a Course of Study are subject to specific conditions and reporting requirements.
You can copy up to the following amount for each course (or other individual purpose, such as a staff training event or meeting), whichever is the greater: - 1 whole chapter from a book - 1 whole article from a magazine/journal issue - 1 whole scene from a play - 1 whole paper from a set of conference proceedings - 1 whole report of a single case from a volume of judicial proceedings - 1 whole short story, poem or play (not exceeding 10 pages in length) from an anthology OR 10% of the total publication
The DCS is available to all HEIs with a CLA HE Licence at no extra cost. If you're interested in a product demo, or would like to get started, contact our team on