Find out more about the Further Education Licence coverage and how it can protect and support your organisation
The CLA Education Licence does not allow you to share copies made under the Licence with anyone outside of your organisation. Please see the user guidelines and terms and conditions of the CLA Education Licence for the definition of who is considered an authorised user.
You can make copies up to the extent limit (5% / one chapter or article) per course per academic year and per student contingent, i.e. if you want to make copies from the same book for a different course with a different set of students, the full extent limit for the publication applies again to that course and student contingent.
If the students are registered with the FE college, then the 5% / one chapter extent limit applies. The 10% / one chapter extent limit is only available to CLA Higher Education Licensees.
All state-funded schools in the UK hold the CLA Licence through central agreements with regional education bodies. Most Independent schools also hold the licence, but just check with IAPs, SCIS or CLA. We license sixth-form colleges and further education colleges directly, so just get in touch with CLA if you're unsure that your institution has the licence.
Staff and students at your school or college can receive copies made under the licence. The key thing to remember is that the copy must be secure to your institution. It should not be shared outside the school, or put on a public facing website.
You can make as many copies as are needed to see that each student and any staff supporting the class has access to a copy. It’s fine to put the copy on the VLE or intranet, just make sure it’s secure to your school or college.