Find out more about the Education Licence coverage and how it can protect and support your organisation
The exceptions to copyright only permit copying under limited circumstances and do not remove the need for a CLA Licence – they support teaching for example where a particular work is not covered under a licence or they allow minor uses, like sharing a few lines of text on an interactive whiteboard to illustrate a point. The CLA Education Licence allows educational establishments to make photocopies and scans from a vast range of books, journals and magazines to create teaching resources for handouts, course packs, share copies on a VLE or send them as email attachments to your students. You can also copy and paste from digital publications. When making copies under the Licence, you do not need to seek direct permission from the copyright owner every time you want to make and share a copy.
There are a number of reasons, why the Check Permissions tool might display an amber result. Sometimes the ISBN has not been added to the CLA database yet and there is no information on the title or permissions status available yet. We have designed a simple interactive step-by-step guide, which you can download here. This will help you work out whether copying is permitted if the result is unclear. If you are still not sure, please let us know and we’d be happy to help. For the most accurate results, we recommend that you search by ISBN or ISSN if you have it.
It is not necessary to have a CLA Licence to share a weblink or URLs, but you may need a licence or check the terms of use of the website if you want to copy and/or share any content from the website. Some URLs are opted into the CLA Licence – you can check this on the Check Permissions tool on the CLA website but entering the URL, in which case you may copy and share content from the website with your students. If a website allows you to use their material, for example under a Creative Commons, you can choose to make copies under the website’s user terms rather than the CLA Licence. Read more about website republishing here.