Log your copying by providing Publication Listings

One way that we gather information from you is by finding out what publications your organisation holds and subscribes to. This gives us an overall picture of your content use.

This might involve emailing us lists or spreadsheets, sending with our mobile app or giving details direct to our Royalties Officers.

Our friendly staff will speak to you and colleagues on the phone and in person to organise this and certain individuals will be asked to collate Publication listing reports – by only asking for this representative sample we aim to minimise the work required from you.

Below is a summary of the main steps involved in completing Publication Listings.

Here are some of the things you might want to have ready when you prepare your Publication Listings…

You might be asked to use our mobile app to scan the barcodes of the titles you hold, you might be asked to create and send us a spreadsheet or you may be visited by one of our Royalties Officers.

Don’t worry our Officers are not sent to inspect your premises! They are there purely to help you collate the information we need to ensure that we pay royalties to the right creators – the authors, artists and publishers whose work you are using

We might ask you to complete a questionnaire. These can be completed through online submissions, telephone conversations or during a site visit from our Royalties Officers – sometimes a mix of all three.

Once you have logged your lists, holdings or subscriptions and submitted them to us, you can sit back in the knowledge that you have helped us to pay royalties to the right people!

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