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Copyright Essay Competition Launch

CLA is pleased to announce the launch of our Copyright Essay competition for 16-19 year old students based in the UK.  Not only will winners receive cash prizes, the time, effort and thought involved in the submission, as well as their work being presented to a panel of expert judges, will speak volumes on any UCAS or employment application.

The question is simple: ‘Social media is a disaster for intellectual property’.  Discuss.

Intellectual Property has relevance to so many subjects and industries that students may be studying or preparing for.  While the question has obvious links with Law and Media Studies, it has relevance in a range of other subjects; from the student studying the music that’s sampled in a Youtube video, to the photographer whose images may end up on a search engine.  Ultimately if any student creates, shares or uses content online, this question is for them.

Phil Hearne, CLA’s Director of Education underlines the importance of this topic.

‘Intellectual property is not just the domain of  the law student.  Students of politics and media studies, creators of intellectual property in all its forms, written visual , musical, and others with an interest in the implications of social media will have a view.  This is an essay which drives at the heart of the issue of intellectual property and how we share it in 2020.  We at CLA are looking forward to reading your submissions.’


All the details are in our competition guidelines.  Students have until 30th June, so there’s plenty of time for them to research, deliberate and construct their arguments, the best of which will receive cash prizes in September.  We can’t wait to hear their thoughts!

If you have any questions about the Copyright Essay competition, please contact