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CLA signs its 43rd bilateral agreement with the Malaysia Reprographic Rights Centre (MARC)

Picture of Mat Pfleger, Ahmad Hussein and Rosie Glazebrook signed the bilateral agreement between CLA and MARC

CLA signed its 43rd bilateral with the Malaysia Reprographic Rights Centre (MARC) at the 2023 IFRRO General Assembly and World Congress in Reykjavík, Iceland last week.

MARC was established in 2021 to represent publishers, authors and visual artists in Malaysia, and in 2022 CLA donated £15k, via IFRRO, to support the newly formed CMO. This funding enabled MARC to build a user-friendly website and commission a copyright comic book for schools to educate school children about the importance of copyright and the importance of respecting others’ creative work.

The bilateral agreement with CLA will further help support MARC as they expand their licensing of business and educational institutions, many of which use UK (and US) published works. To date, MARC have signed licenses with two universities – Monash University and Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

CLA is delighted to have signed this agreement with MARC and support a new RRO as it establishes itself in the global collective licensing community.