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CLA Signs 44th Bilateral Agreement with Slovenia’s SAZOR at 2024 IFRRO Mid-Year Meetings

We are pleased to announce that CLA has signed its 44th bilateral agreement with the Slovenian Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO), SAZOR, during the 2024 IFRRO mid-year meetings held in Valencia. This significant event marks another milestone in our ongoing efforts to foster international cooperation and ensure fair compensation for rightsholders worldwide.

Established in 2003, SAZOR has played a pivotal role in managing the reproduction rights of over 1,000 authors and more than 100 publishers of books, newspapers, and magazines in Slovenia. Its dedication to safeguarding the interests of rightsholders has made it a key player in the Slovenian publishing industry.

The bilateral agreement was signed by our CEO, Mat Pfleger and our Head of Legal, Serena Dederding, alongside Luka Novak, CEO of SAZOR, and Rudi Zaman, Chair of SAZOR. The signing ceremony took place in the historic Monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes, Valencia, adding a touch of cultural heritage to this important occasion.

We are delighted to formalise this partnership with SAZOR, which further strengthens our international relations. This agreement ensures that rightsholders in the UK and globally receive fair remuneration when their works are copied, thereby promoting a sustainable and equitable environment for creators and publishers. The signing demonstrates the commitment of both organisations to protecting intellectual property rights and supporting the creative industries.

As we continue to expand our network of international partnerships, CLA remains dedicated to ensuring fair compensation for creators and rightsholders, protecting the cultural and economic sustainability of the UK’s creative ecosystem.