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CLA launches a new website and refreshed brand

New brand and website launch header copy, right image

For its fortieth year, Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is delighted to announce the launch of a fresh new appearance and a new, user-friendly website.

For 40 years, CLA has helped organisations to research, create and collaborate with a range of simple licensing solutions whilst ensuring creators’ rights are respected. CLA’s unique position in the creative ecosystem perfectly positions it to act as a trusted intermediary between rightsholders and content users and efficiently distribute the revenues generated back to content creators. This helps to ensure that creators are incentivised to create more content in the future.

Although CLA has always helped organisations to do the right thing and copy, right when sharing content, we have decided that in our 40th year, we need to be more explicit about this in our new branding. In an era where technological advances make it easier to overlook or ignore the need to seek permission before copying content, it is more important than ever that organisations and their employees act responsibly.

Our new brand reflects our place in the creative ecosystem, a crucial component that supports creativity and content reuse. The new more clearly sets out who we are and what we do, as well as demonstrating the impact we have had and continue to have in the Creative Industries. It is more accessible and helps prospective customers more easily find out more about the licences they might need to reuse content in a copyright compliant way, as well as providing new and improved resources for our current customers. As well as rolling out the new brand across our various platforms such as the Digital Content Store, Education Platform and Licence Plus Document Delivery Tools, over the coming months we will continue adding material to the website. Keep an eye on our new resources section which we will be filling with useful how-to guides, events and infographics to continue to help organisations do the right thing and Copy, Right.

Tim Cooper, Head of Marketing at CLA says:

“We wanted to celebrate our 40th by evolving the CLA brand; creating a contemporary, confident and engaging look and feel. With this we are updating our positioning aligning it to CLA’s values and future endeavours. We believe Copy, Right encompasses what CLA stands for – our licences, tools and future products are there to ensure organisations can behave responsibly, do the right thing – and Copy, Right.”


Find out more about our ethos here