As ChatGPT marks its one-year anniversary, the swift evolution of Generative AI poses a profound challenge for UK creatives, given that the large language models responsible for content generation rely on ingesting creators’ work for training. Currently, only the AI owners reap financial benefits, creating a concerning imbalance in the creative economy at both individual and collective levels.

As a not-for-profit organisation, CLA is dedicated to ensuring fair remuneration for rights holders. Our report unveils the varied perspectives of our membership, including publishers, authors, photographers, and academics, shedding light not only on the nuanced impact of AI on their work and livelihoods but also on the broader creative sector.

The aim? To spark further discussions, develop tools, and establish frameworks at both industry and legislative levels to protect and properly value human creative endeavour and guarantee fair compensation for rights holders.

The highlights

respondents believe that the UK’s ability to earn from its creativity will be impacted by AI

respondents think AI should be ‘paused’ to enable the sector to ‘catch-up’ on regulation

respondents are confident that AI will eventually deliver fair compensation

The report

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Principles for Copyright and Generative AI

With the interests of creators and rightsholders at the forefront, CLA has developed a set of principles to help ensure that generative AI is developed safely, ethically and legally.

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