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The Story of Our Rebrand

symbolIn 2016, we decided that we wanted our visual identity to really reflect our transition from a licensing body, to a service provider of innovative digital products.

Firstly we thought about our brand colours. We wanted our brand palette to capture our new vision to become the provider of choice for rights, content and licensing. As such, we needed the palette to show our uniqueness as a modern licensing body and service provider, our positivity and openness, and our dynamic technologies that make copyright simpler for our customers. Ultimately, we decided that the two colours that best represented all of this were teal and lime green.

With a brand palette in place, we could start developing our new logo. We wanted to build on the strength of our reputation as trusted copyright experts with over 30 years’ experience; it’s not just that copyright is our world: we know it better than anyone else. That’s why we used the widely recognised copyright symbol as a starting point. Cutting away a portion of the symbol, we’ve created a striking new logo that lets you know when you’re thinking about copyright, you’re also thinking about CLA. symbol cutWe’ve also changed our strap line to emphasise our dedication to helping customers manage copyright and get access to content. We want you to know that CLA is all about Copyright, Made Simple.

Our new look decided, we could start developing our brand new website and redesigning our licences and all of our other collateral documents. Making copyright and content access as simple as it can be is at the core of everything we do, so it was important to us that our website and our new licences were fresh, clear and easy to use. We’ve cut out all the lengthy and confusing jargon, only keeping what you really need to know to make sure your organisation has a positive and healthy relationship with copyright and can access the content you need as easily as possible.

We’d love to hear what you think about our new brand.