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The Education Platform: a new way to make copies from books!

Our Education Platform offers a new way for teachers to make copies from books under the terms of the CLA Licence. It is available to all state-funded, most independent schools and further education colleges at no additional cost. Register today! 


Watch a promo for the Education Platform 

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Did you know that all state-funded schools and most independent schools are covered by our licence to re-use content from books for teaching. Make copies of up to one chapter or 5% (whichever is the greater) from books that your school owns.

The Education Platform comes free with the licence and is a new online service that actually gives teachers access to digital version of the schools books so that they can make digital copies and share them with students. 

Here are just a few of the features and benefits:

Features Benefits
Log in from anywhere on any device to review books and make copies online  Lets teachers prepare lesson resources at a time and place convenient to them
See and access all your schools' textbooks in one place online Gives teachers better visibility of available books without having to have the physical books with you
Allows direct sharing to VLE or a student device Ideal for remote working and home schooling - it saves on print costs and offers a greener solution
Digital books are supplied directly by educational publishers No more marked or dog-eared pages - we use high quality files from trusted sources
Digital delivery of textbook content on-screen Promotes better engagement as students prefer learning from a screen  
All copies made are guaranteed copyright-compliant No need to worry about publisher permissions or copyright infringement 

Watch a quick (1min) demo of the Education Platform to see how easy it is to use the main functions 

Demo of Education Platform (1min)

Get more value out of the books that your school has already purchased by registering for free digital versions. REMEMBER: you are already licensed to use the Education Platform, so why not make the most of it?

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A more efficient way to share content with students.

- Head of Library


Education Platform provides an excellent way of supporting our online learning offer by enabling us to provide our students access to digital copies of pages from our textbook to support their studies - a fantastic free resource.

 - Rob Chambers, Head of Geography


Education Platform complements all the fantastic work that teachers do inside schoolroom and allows students to learn anywhere, at anytime.

 - Josh Garry, Deputy Head of History


More about the CLA Licence for schools including videos, FAQs, licence support materials and classroom resources.

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