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CopyScanPublications - A new app that can save schools and colleges time.

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We have partnered with KYOCERA Document Solutions UK to create a new app that collects information about what a school or college copies, thereby reducing the burden of administration.

CopyScanPublications’ is a free app that can be installed on copiers and scanners to collect the copying information that we need to make royalty payments to authors, visual artists and publishers. The app will capture copying done by staff of any articles, chapters or other extracts from publications that they use for teaching.

Currently, the process is largely manual and can be time consuming for teaching staff who are asked to fill forms and provide extra copies of book or magazine articles  for CLA. This often means extra time at the copier and makes it more likely that some information can be missed through human error or time pressures.

This new KYOCERA app will reduce the inconvenience and time taken in providing this information. CLA will be able to capture accurate real-time data on copying made in institutions and let teachers make copies and scans as normal.

Kevin Gohil, Chief Operating Officer and Group Chief Transformation Officer at the Copyright Licensing Agency said:

Our mission is to simplify copyright for content users such as schools and colleges, and to make sure that copyright owners receive fair payment when their work is copied or re-used. By making it easier for our customers to tell us what they are copying, we can make more accurate payments to the copyright owners – the authors, visual artists and publishers.

Rod Tonna-Barthet, Chief Executive Officer at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK commented:

According to the National Education Union one of the main reasons teachers leave the profession is because of the burden of paperwork they have to do. Our app is genuinely making a difference in cutting that burden down, helping teachers to spend more time doing what they do best: teach.

The new app will be piloted over the coming months before a decision is taken to roll out to the bulk of Kyocera’s customers.

We are looking for schools and colleges to trial the new app. Please email to register your interest.


Who are KYOCERA?

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KYOCERA Document Solutions (UK) Ltd are one of the world’s leading document output management companies, KYOCERA Document Solutions manufactures and markets monochrome and colour network printers, multifunctional products (MFPs) alongside a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and bespoke applications. The CopyScanPublications application being one such example.